Competitions and Events

Want To Compete?

There are plenty of opportunities to compete on and off the island. However, this requires the dancer to be registered with Scotdance Canada and to have the outfits for the dances he or she is competing in. Costumes are available at Tartantown. Occasionally we have a used costumes sale. There are 4 main costumes: the  kilt and vest for traditional dances, a tartan skirt with petticoat, vest, and blouse for women’s Nationals, a Sailor’s Hornpipe outfit, and a Jig costume. Typical cost per dancer to enter is approximately $32-45, with entry fees around $2 and individual dances around $6. Note this does not include admission fees for parents, nor travel costs!

A traditional costume is needed for the “men’s” dances: the Fling, Sword, Sean Truibhas, Reel, and others. Cassandra dances the Fling below to dance in Switzerland in 2013.