Highland Sword Purple Kilt
Is there a dress code?
Yes, dancers are expected to come wearing kneesocks, shorts, and a tight shirt. No jeans or baggy clothing are permitted.

Do I have to buy a costume? Can I buy one secondhand?
There are four official highland dancing costumes in total required for competition and exams, not including special costumes for choreography dances. Costumes can be bought at Tartantown, but there are many secondhand items that can be bought and sold through the studio.

What are the exams for? Are they mandatory?
The exams serve multiple purposes, including teaching discipline. Upon completion of the exams dancers may choose to be certified as teachers, but it also allows them to learn more steps than competitions require. Advanced exams include a theory component.

Do you take adult beginners?
We are offering drop-in trial classes for adult beginners. At least five people must be willing to commit to hold a class for adult beginners for the year.

What are the typical ages for new dancers? Will my child find other dancers his/her age?
Children just starting are usually 4 to 12. Younger ones are placed in Primary, and older starters are placed in Beginner. If your child is older and concerned about being placed with dancers his/her age, private lessons can be arranged to catch up to the other dancers.

What do I have to do to compete?
Competitors must be registered with ScotDance Canada and have the costumes for the dances they are competing in. Competitions categorize dancers by age and skill level. In order to advance in skill level, a dancer must place at least third in a dance at a certain number of competitions.